We are a local repair company that works directly with your insurance. We can do all the paperwork and always guarantee our work. We offer low or NO out of pocket cost on any covered vehicle. Know ALL your options and get a FULL FREE QUOTE with a price you know won’t change, before we start any work. The Profession Option is what you have been looking for. We know how to restore your vehicle to pre-storm conditions. No Carfax! You simple have your car back looking like new.


These are 12 Things you should know before having anyone work on your damaged vehicle.

1. Your insurance company cannot pick the repair facility for you.

2  It is your choice where and how to repair your vehicle.

3. You are not required to use the insurance company’s preferred providers to repair your vehicle for any reason.

4. Once you choose a repair business, call your insurance and notify them of your choice.

5. Any repair work Guarantees or Warranties will be provided and backed by the repair business, not by your insurance company.

6. Filing a hail claim will not result in an increase in your premiums.

7. Always consider repairing your vehicle using Paintless Dent Removal first. When completed professionally, PDR yields the best repair available, retains the durable factory finish, and maintains the value of your vehicle. Nothing reduces the value of a vehicle more than having to repaint the factory finish!

8. Paintless Dent Removal is the preferred method of hail repair by nearly all insurance companies.

9. Even if the adjustor has figured repair by means of conventional auto body repair, consult a PDR specialist. Many times, PDR may still be successful allowing you all the benefits it has to offer. Only a PDR specialist will know what can and cannot be repaired successfully. Most auto body shops do not retain PDR professionals on staff so you may need to investigate a business specializing in Paintless Dent Removal.

10. If you do take your vehicle to an auto body shop, allow 1-2 weeks for repair. If by PDR, allow 1-3 days for repair.

11. After repair is completed, inspect your car thoroughly for quality of workmanship. If it is to your satisfaction, pay your deductible and get a copy of the warranty for your records.

12. Professional Option PDR is a Paintless Dent repair specialist and we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. All repair work comes with a lifetime written warranty. We work with all insurance companies to complete repairs quickly (1-3 days in most cases) and professionally. Just drop off your vehicle with the insurance estimate and let us take care of the rest! If you need a rental, we will help you arrange one at preferred rates. Give us a call today.